Britany Powers Burkhardt
the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

aka  "Brit",Mr. B. ,B-dog, Britt, PrittyBritty, Little Mandog
Poudah  R.I.P  on 4-23-06
Allie R.I.P. 1-29-2020


My pic with Brit on November 2,2005
Rescued 2-1995 - R.I.P. 11-6-2005

Britany Powers Burkhardt
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,

Commonly know as just plain Brit.

He was so meek, yet he had a mighty presence. Brit was born in Texas. We got him

from a dog pound in Forney Texas in February of 1995. It was no foo foo Dog

pound. It was the BIG HOUSE.

I had just moved to Dallas from New York City and lost my cat Sir Frances 2 weeks after

moving in, so I started to search all the dog pounds and animal shelters for my cat.

We never found him. Although I did come across this unusually good looking

dog that seemed so tranquil while all the others were screaming to get out of

their cages.

I brought him home and he settled in with the other two dogs Poudah a 3 year old

Lhasa mix and Tashi a terrier.

I found out that not only did I get a wonderful faithful companion with Brit,

but he was a very special dog. He was a tri-colored Cavalier King Charles

Spaniel. I never really cared about his royalty status though.

He just loved people and loved completely, he was perfect in every way. Even in

his final days Brit never complained about anything.

I really loved the way he liked to as I would say ,"Rescue rocks" He had a thing

about going into lake water or ocean water and sticking his head deep down into

the water after feeling the bottom with his paws. He would find and pull out a

huge rock or stone. He would carry that rock sometime the size of his head all

the way to the shoreline and carefully place it down on the ground.

At times I thought that he may be trying to make a rock diagram to communicate

some sort of message to me. He was that brilliant.

And did I say that boy was he sweet. EVERYONE loved Brit. There wasn't a mean

bone in that boys body.

Children would play with him without hesitation.

Brit was somehow mysteriously trained to give you a kiss on command.

There was no having to coax Brit to give a kiss. Just whisper the command into

his ear and there came a gentle swoop of his tongue, right on target to he tip

of your nose.

Brit was my dog. He followed me everywhere, but there was another person that he

had a real fondness for. And that was 14 year old Ben . Somehow Ben

talked "dogeese".

Brit and Ben would lay on the floor and chit chat with each other and you would

swear that they each knew what each other was talking about.

Brit also liked to travel. When I opened the front door, he would be the first

to bolt out that door and head for the car. He would always ride shotgun and

just enjoy the ride. Brit had been to many States in the USA. He would visit my

family in New York at Christmas and travel back through Nashville and at times

stop in Saint Louis MO.,and he made me let him peeee at least one time in each

state. Marking his territory. Brit will be so missed, and he already is. Brit

passed in his sleep on November 6, 2005.

I love you so much Brit.

And I wait the day that you and I meet again and can play ball and get the rocks

from the pond. You are the worlds best companion. You and Poudah saved my life

and I am forever at your service.

Love Kirk

He never spoke a word , yet I miss his voice.
...Kirk 11-7-05



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